TRANSHouse launches its new website

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15 July 2013: The translation arm of News Services Group (NSG), TRANSHouse- experts in international translation- recently launched its new website. A long-time provider of translation services in over 40 languages, including English, Arabic, French, and mainstream European and Asian languages, the translation company has been operating as the “go-to” service provider for governmental entities, multi-national businesses, local, regional, and international companies.

“Our services cater to any company or entity that is looking to break into new market segments and increase its competitive edge. With such a diverse translation offering, companies have the opportunity to expand their reach, whether that is into western markets or into eastern regions such as: South Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, or MENA,” stated group CEO of NSG and managing director of TRANSHouse, Tony AbiHanna.

He continued, “The high level of traffic that we’ve experienced on our former site is the primary reason that we have decided to revamp our website with greater capabilities and a new look. Our new site enables clients to upload content for translation and receive immediate feedback on requests for quotations. We receive a wide-level of interest regarding all of our translation, simultaneous interpretation, and copywriting services; potential clients can also browse a list of testimonials from our clients to learn of the benefit we have offered so many of their counterparts in the region and further afield.”

Currently serving over 90 industries, the translation company can deliver content in over 40 languages, and employs copywriters, editors, and translators to ensure that content in the translated language carries the same sophistication as the original text. TRANSHouse translates, edits, and generates content for many types of communications-oriented documents such as press releases, articles, marketing material, and websites and also translate documents such as contracts, business and personal documents. TRANSHouse also offers expert simultaneous interpretation services with United Nation’s certified interpreters.

About TRANSHouse:

TRANSHouse was founded in 2008 to bring high quality translation and interpretation services to the region and beyond. More than 100 clients around the world including Fortune 500 companies, internationally-known organizations, and main players in the Public Relations industry take advantage of the diverse translation services offered at TRANSHouse. Providing translation in 40 languages including Arabic, English, French, and mainstream European and Asian languages, TRANSHouse enables companies to reach further afield expanding their international market share and increasing their competitive edge.

About NSG: News Services Group:

As the leading news services provider in the Middle East and North Africa, NSG is the parent company to TRANSHouse, ME NewsWire, CNPHub, and MediaDEN. Its operations extend beyond news distribution to include online monitoring, collating, website content management, and customized media technology software development. Backed by a team of seasoned, multi-lingual professionals, possessing valuable industry certifications, years of experience, and substantial credibility to deliver results, NSG team members are experts in their respective fields. Using cutting-edge technology coupled with specially-developed news process management tools, it delivers business news quickly, efficiently, and accurately to the widest, or the most niche audiences.